401 Czech Verbs by Bruce Davies and Jana Hejduková

The Rosetta Stone of the Czech Language

“401 Czech Verbs” fills a gap that exists in textbooks and dictionaries for students of the Czech language. All serious students of Czech will want this book to supplement their textbook and dictionary. This is the only book that provides information on the conjugation of over 2100 verbs. More importantly, this is the only book that provides a simple way to look up the prepositions and cases associated with these verbs. The verbs are paired as imperfective and perfective.


  • Simple rules for conjugation of all tenses
  • The 7 cases clearly explained
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Easy to use declension tables
  • Everything is condensed and easy to find
  • More useful than a dictionary!


Included is a “Tourist Survival Guide”, which is recommended for any tourist planning to visit Prague. The culture in the Czech Republic is unlike any other in the world. Tourists who come to Prague unprepared are in serious danger of becoming victims to the Czech sense of humor. A major peril for tourists is Czech taxi drivers. What you save on your first taxi fare will pay for this book...


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